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Time was cowritten, produced, and filmed by David "speve" Kayne. We wanted to write a song about loss... losing a friend, family member, yourself. This song started in the parking lot of my climbing gym, this concept of time and not having enough. Hopelessness... and a little bit of procrastination. It quickly turned into something we are both really proud of, and showcases some of the best people and talent I met during my time at Berklee. Featuring speve on bass and guitar, Chalres Ritz on saxophone, Aidan Todd on shaker, and Craig Henderson on piano. Vocal production by Kristina Fisk, and mastering by Josh Sebek.

Pat's Class
debut ep

This EP is composed of three songs written by me for my final songwriting class at Berklee College of Music. Each song written was to a very specific prompt, including form and rhyme scheme requirements, and sometimes, lyrical content requirements. Skies are Blue had to be verse refrain, with a metaphor as the refrain. In Stillness had to be tight form, only a 4 syllables per line... if you're counting, I cut it in half to prove a point. Gone had to have a memorable chorus. Hopefully that song leaves you singing "Gone, you're gone" to yourself.

Featuring the talents of John Brake on guitar, Kevin Barber on bass, and Brady Dallas Jones on drums. Mastering done by Josh Sebek.

Written by Emi McSwain, engineered by Speve, mixed by Warren Pettey

Written by Emi McSwain, engineered by Cameron Reichert, mixed by Warren Pettey

Written by Emi McSwain, Brady Dallas Jones, and Andrew Rowan, engineered and mixed by Hank Freidman

who is emi mcswain?

good question.
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